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base on the movie GHOST RIDER

Title:  SKULL

Materials:  Junk accessories, junk softdrinks cap can.  Junk printer parts. old cd’s

Size: Approx. 15cm x 20cm




Another tragedy hits the world affecting a nation noted to be the poorest in the Caribbean. It is totally a universal disaster that affects millions of people and properties.

It’s a sad thing to see those people who are in pains, bleeding and crying for help. No food, even water on their hands, no medicine, no treatments and no governance.

For it, will be the most tragic incident that touches the nation’s hearts.

Reaction from outside world became so intense. All are doing the best that they can, to give the immediate help to this affected country. Some lend money, some their time and skills, some their own life to save the others.

All are praying that soon it will be settled, but nature’s answer is poor and weak.

HAITI is not the only country that needs help. Sometimes we are forgetting those brothers and sisters who are in the middle of wars, and those who are homeless due to poverty.  Earthquake ruined the place and shake down all the way of life leaving those humans in the open spaces. 

WHY?  No answer.

Just think and be thankful that you are lucky for not being there and standing still holding your life.

Give something. Small things will do.

And to you people of HAITI, be strong and believe that there will be another LIFE! The light will be there soon.


architectural pictogram of Kuwait


If you were superman taking an aerial view on the vicinity of Kuwait, the first things you will noticed are three pointed spot through the sky, Kuwait Towers –the symbol of Kuwait.

Located on the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait Towers is one of the main tourist attractions in the State of Kuwait. 
built in 1975 and inaugurated in 1979. Design by a swedish company.

The plates that cover the balls are thousand in number. They are made of  steel painted in different colors.

One -187 meters high, the tallest part of the tower divided into two spheres, a part of its sphere have an observation area which you can view and highlight the place of Kuwait, and with one full turn every half an hour. There are also coffee shop and restaurant on the other sphere.

Two (Middle) – serve as the water tank(water reservoir) with 2 million gallons of water.

Third – a lighthouse11.60 meters high with a 96  concealed spotlight.

The formation of its concept comes from pointed three needles, and the structure of the building itself. Made of concrete flaring and plasticized aluminum plates. Shine in the reflection of the sun and in the reflection of the moon. “The beauty and magic of architecture.”

Arts-to break sadness



Arts – One of the most imperative parts of my life comes in a very simple way… I just love doing arts way back on my college days in architecture course; they call me PASAWAY in design (“stubborn”  A person who likes to deviate from others most of the time in arts and design). I myself did not consider as an artist or a talented person in this field, It always reminds me that art is the expression of the artist, central figure and audience that makes art…art..having their own meaning and styles.

A simple line and color gives the art a very spectacular approach, that’s why I am very interested.

Arts give the fulfillment of my own, and my application of my dream through painting.

 I’ve been working here in Kuwait as an interior designer. After office hours I busy myself doing paintings to kill my homesickness, busy balancing the things I need to do, the things I want to do and so I made my own blog called “PAMATAY HOMESICK” This is my first BLOG entry, posting stories of what I have encountered on my daily routine.

I put and consider myself to work here in abroad just like having a case and sentenced to Imprisonment regarding on how many years I’ll spend working based on my contract I have signed with, just like a Kulungang Walang Rehas (Prison without Prison Bars).

And here comes PAMATID SAnDNESS meaning to break sadness in foreign sand land of Middle East. My article that would help Me and the reader’s for having trouble coping with break up sadness and to control our emotions and get a much needed nights sleep….