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Another tragedy hits the world affecting a nation noted to be the poorest in the Caribbean. It is totally a universal disaster that affects millions of people and properties.

It’s a sad thing to see those people who are in pains, bleeding and crying for help. No food, even water on their hands, no medicine, no treatments and no governance.

For it, will be the most tragic incident that touches the nation’s hearts.

Reaction from outside world became so intense. All are doing the best that they can, to give the immediate help to this affected country. Some lend money, some their time and skills, some their own life to save the others.

All are praying that soon it will be settled, but nature’s answer is poor and weak.

HAITI is not the only country that needs help. Sometimes we are forgetting those brothers and sisters who are in the middle of wars, and those who are homeless due to poverty.  Earthquake ruined the place and shake down all the way of life leaving those humans in the open spaces. 

WHY?  No answer.

Just think and be thankful that you are lucky for not being there and standing still holding your life.

Give something. Small things will do.

And to you people of HAITI, be strong and believe that there will be another LIFE! The light will be there soon.


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  1. 01/27/2010 5:45 pm

    I agree, if we cannot reach the earthquake victims in Haiti thru material gifts, our prayer is the best and powerful thing to offer.

    This post shows your heart, Kuya Ever. …and that photo, it speaks more than a million words!

    • 01/27/2010 8:13 pm

      the only thing and most powerful now is prayer…minsan na-aalog tayo para gumising.

      thanks pards!

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